Insurance platform


The brief was to create a scalable, responsive, easily maintained website and quotation system, tailored for the needs of millennials who may not have considered insurance sites previously.

My Role

~ Updating the brand for a refreshed, modern look for both mobile and web.

~ Creating wireframes in Figma for both mobile and desktop.

~ The creation of additional complex prototypes to aid the design process
Researching google materials compatible themes.

~ Working to improve the overall customer flow.

My Role

UX/UI Design


Figma & CS Suite

  • The homepage has a new, more simple look and feel. With a bold colour palette to be used throughout the site.

The website

  • Simple call to actions and organic shapes to encourage the customer to scroll down the webpage.

  • Keeping the website, clean and free of distractions. To lead the user to the quotation page.

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