Branding, art direction & content creation for social media


Loctoa Chocolate are a high-end bean to bar independent chocolate producer. Each bar is individually made and wrapped in carefully designed eco-friendly packaging.

My Role

~Working closely with Loctoa to create their brand identity, developing a series of bold, signature packaging designs and brand colour palette to apply across mobile
& desktop.

~ From this, we also developed a series of campaign images which could be used across Loctoa's website and social media.

My Role

Brand identity, art direction, web 
& content creation for social media


Adobe CS Suite, Hootsuite & Figma


  • Working with a playful colour palette throughout the site to complement the vibrant packaging of the bars.

  • Simple layout to showcase the brand visuals incl. the cocoa pod & vibrant chocolate packaging.

  • Users can peruse the brands collection of bars and have the option of creating a

  • Users also have the option to find more about the chocolate bar's story and flavour profile by clicking the plus sign to discover an indepth ingredients list and history.

Campaign visuals

Social media

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