Online Learning Platform for Designers


Briefbox is an online design community set up by the founders of creative agency, ORCA in order to provide practice briefs, tutorials and online learning paths to help develop new graduates portfolios and inspire professionals in the design field.

My Role

~ Working with a team of web developers to help improve the overall product for the end-user

~ Assisted with the product design & strategy of the learning platform

~ Provided feedback and support to Briefbox customers

~ Tested out new ways of working with customers

~ Working on personas to better understand Briefbox's key customers

My Role

Designer & community manager


Slack, CS Suite
& Hootsuite

  • Design briefs and courses are organised into
    mini sets and topics

The Website

  • Users can access feedback and mentorship from a team of professional designers & illustrators. With the option for users to request a portfolio review at anytime
    during their membership.

  • Briefbox students can work through briefs in their own time whilst building up essential case studies and projects for use in their portfolios.

  • Users can upload and share their design submissions to the briefs, to gain feedback and support from the community 

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