Online Support for Aesop's UK customer base 


Aesop is an Australian luxury skincare brand, producing high-end skincare, body care & fragrance ranges. Each Aesop store has a unique interior design developed in collaboration with various architects, interior designers and artists.

My Role

~ Providing website assistance to Aesop's online customers base.

~ Working to improve the overall customer experience.

~ Reporting on customer feedback in order to improve user flow and online sales.

~ Working with the team to learn from newly launched features.

~ Reporting bugs or site-specific issues to relevant members of the development team.

~ Providing specific support to customers by giving step by step instructions of how to use the website and troubleshoot specific issues.

My Role

Online customer

support at Aesop


Zendesk, Aesop website & Microsoft Team Viewer channels

  • Users have the option to request a live skincare consultation to gain more in-depth product advice.

The website

  • Users can access a live chat platform in order to speak directly with a trained consultant.

  • Users can peruse past orders and store multiple delivery addresses on the creation of an online account.

  • On check out users also have the option to tailor their order such as a request for gift-wrapping or a hand-written personal message.

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