Travels in colour: In pursuit of inspiration (for lockdown take 2)

For a bit of fun and in search of inspiration beyond my immediate surroundings... I decided to reflect on the highlights of my travels earlier this year, to take into the winter months.

1. The Red City, Italy

Before world events started to close down possibilities for travel, I was lucky enough to visit Bologna early this year. The city holds the nickname of ‘La Rossa’ (meaning the Red) due to the beautiful terracotta hue of the many old brick buildings across the town.

When you visit, you will notice large red swathes of fabric like old theatre curtains which adorn the windows of grand buildings and people’s homes. Here we also found local Osterias, where simple food is shared across big wooden tables, viewed from the outside glowing golden and copper, late into the night.

The city can be beautifully conjured up by John Berger, in his short story ‘The Red Tenda of Bologna’

‘The Red Tenda of Bologna’ ‘It’s red, I’ve never seen a red like Bologna’s. Ah! If we knew the secret of that red… It’s a city to return to, la proxima volta.’

2. Confetti street parties, Italy

Staying in Bologna, we found large amounts of colour confetti mysteriously scattered across all the main streets. Which puzzled us, until we later found out it was for a Children’s Illustration and Literature Festival during our stay.

The confetti lit up the streets at night in unapologetically upbeat pops of lime, and pastels. These colours match the palette of the rich pistachio and cherry ice cream varieties found in the elegant gelaterias. Accompanied by the colourful treats of limoncello, pistachio and sugared almonds.

3. Loch Lomond, Scotland

Contrasting to the above warmth(!) of Italy. Though none the less dramatic, nor grand visual feast for the eyes. I took a trip up to my home country of Scotland, to Loch Lomond in February, with it’s classical, dark ever changing and unpredictable skies. Never boring though hard to dress for(!)

Taking inspiration with these dramatic colours, accompanied by a drop of bright lilac in the heather and an icy blue loch. Deep blue water, with pale yellow hues, reflected by the moody skies.

What’s been your inspiration lately?

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